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The candidate, passed out, slides down then, supported by the Mage, to the bed of hay covered with a cloth of yellow silk, ready at the foot of the gibbet from the beginning of the session. The Mage arranges the arms and legs of the Freedman, and gets his head into a comfortable position. In a low voice the Venerable Warriors and the witnesses say the prayer of the healing sleep, while the Mage takes up the incantation that will accentuate and prolong the unconscious state of the man tested, all of whose strength still belongs to Satan.

A quarter of an hour later the basement door opens, and the priestess-lover of the tested Hunter appears on the threshold, draped entirely in white veils and with her hair flowing down her back. She salutes the Warriors and the witnesses, who give her the acknowledgment owed to her high mission, and approaches the Healer Mage, who gives her the necessary instructions. Absolutely calm, she listens and inclines her head in sign of comprehension. She immediately stretches out beside the man tested, but in the opposite direction.

She remains thus, immobile, for several minutes, then she raises herself with a serpentine movement, extricates herself from her veils, and presses her palms upon the knees of the sleeper.

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Like a perfect acrobat, she raises herself on her hands, as a living column, perpendicular to the body of the supine man. The young priestess stays in this bold position only a few moments. Very slowly, and in four wellcalculated movements--that of the legs, and then of the whole body lowered progressively to a low height over that of the sleeper, and the last two movements unfolding the legs and bringing the feet, one after the other, to rest upon the forehead of the Hunter--she forms a harmonious curve with her whole silhouette, and the Healer Mage immediately verifies the desired precision.

This lasts several minutes. The Mage verifies that the normal state has been reestablished in the body of the one tested, and he invites the woman to again take her first position beside the man, on the yellow cloth. The priestess obeys. Two witnesses rise then and bring near the bed a long cloak of black silk, which they spread out over the two bodies. After that, the Warriors, the witnesses, and the Healer Mage exit in good order, leaving the couple alone, who must stay in the cellar of executions until the first light of dawn.

What happens during the night that follows in the somber cellar, at the foot of the gallows?

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Here is what a twenty-six-year-old priestess says about it, who has become, thanks to their common victory, the bride of her Tested Knight. Woman, it is your fault if I am still here. Where do you want to take me now?

Advanced Sex Magic, by Maria de Naglowska

A fragrant lukewarmness enveloped us, and I felt it as a very tender caress. Several long minutes went by in a deep silence. It would be foolish to profane now what has been kept intact for such a long time. According to the Rule of this astonishing House, you are now my bride. Do you grasp the depth of this nostalgic exclamation?

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