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by Nicu Bizon (Editor), Lucian Dascalescu (Editor), Naser Mahdavi Tabatabaei (Editor) & 0 more. This is the first comprehensive book on the autonomous vehicles as a part of the smart transportation systems. Technical executives concerned with intelligent transportation systems will.
Table of contents

Next-generation Vehicles/Intelligent Transportation Systems

Smart Mobility, often called ITS — Intelligent Transport Systems and Services — includes the integration of smarter information and communications technology with transport infrastructure, vehicles and users. By enabling the sharing of vital information on roads, our supply chains and in our transport services, Smart Mobility allows people to get more from their transport networks, in greater safety and with less impact on the environment.

For instance, having a navigation system in our cars, instead of a paper map, allows our vehicle to detect hazards on the road ahead, communicate directly with the surrounding infrastructure, make more informed traffic decisions and even tell us when we are tired, or call an ambulance in case we are involved in an accident: with no doubt, smart mobility stretches across our cities and urban environments, enhancing our driving experience. This makes driving between cities and across European borders seamless, with no stoppages, no unnecessary delays and, eventually, no carbon emissions.

Intelligent Transportation

Furthermore, it is true that congestion, high running costs and environmental concerns make personal car ownership less desirable, and as technology begins to offer more attractive alternatives, consumers are increasingly moving away from individual modes of transport. This leaves space for new mobility service providers to enter the market with ride-sharing and e-hailing services, bike- and car-sharing programmes and on-demand bus services, offering a wider range of choices for the consumer.

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People are becoming familiar with concepts such as Mobility as a Service MaaS , which combines public, private and shared transportation modes providing multimodal, integrated and digital mobility solutions for people and goods based on their travel needs.

Such service can limit the number of vehicles on the roads, reducing congestion and pollution in our cities.

V2V communications provide radar-based cruise control communications with other vehicles in order to maintain safe distances and minimize speed fluctuations. Views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of ITU.


Will driverless cars be on the road sooner? Was this article Helpful? Sign up to our weekly Newsletter Subscribe. ITU is the United Nations' specialized agency for information and communication technology. Any opinions expressed and statistics presented by third parties do not necessarily reflect the views of ITU. By helping our clients plan and deploy intelligent transportation elements, it can significantly improve safety and mobility and, in turn, the quality of life for the users of the transportation system.

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