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Star Trek: Ring Around the Sky by Allyn Gibson - STARFLEET CORPS OF ENGINEERS The Tellarite (Book #37 of Star Trek: Starfleet Corps of Engineers ).
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The primary purpose of this project is to create a chronological reference exclusively of the events narrated in published Star Trek fiction. This means that only the novels, adaptations and short stories from Pocket, Bantam and Ballentine are to be considered as sources. Imagine, if you will, an alternate universe where Star Trek exists only in published book form. As such, inconsistencies can and will be found with accepted canonical sources, such as the Star Trek Chronology and the Star Trek Encyclopedia , and with unofficial but well-established sources in Trek fandom, such as the various Starfleet Manuals or Goldstein's Spaceflight Chronology.

The canon of Trek history has become a moving target, and therefore I do not by any means claim this to be the definitive reference for the Trek fan. First of all, I despise the oxymoron "young adult. Furthermore, I was reading "normal" Trek novels at age twelve, and I see no reason for otherwise outstanding authors to "dumb-down" the stories to a point where it is difficult to envision the events as historically valid. Note that the recently reprinted Mission To Horatius falls into this category as well.

Series: Star Trek: Starfleet Corps of Engineers

While the comic books have provided some interesting background and occasionally some exceptional writing the original "Gold Key" comics notwithstanding , it would be far too difficult to consolidate such a prolific series of stories from so many different publishers. I have also opted not to include the audio-only and eBook fiction, though if they are ever released in print form, I will add them at that time. It is, of course, well understood that the Star Trek universe is constantly expanding as additional novels are released each month.

As a result, some errors of continuity will never be adequately resolved, and the potential for future contradictions is always present. The "official" stamp upon the Okudas' Star Trek Chronology further complicates matters, as future authors will be obliged to conform to it despite the numerous contradictions with currently published novels.

Starship Enterprise: A Star Trek Fan Production

In addition, the overwhelming number of stories purported to have occurred during the original "five-year mission" is dangerously close to the point where we must assume that the crew never had opportunity to eat, sleep, defecate, etc. Many readers will simply assume that some of the stories are apocryphal, or transpired in "alternate" universes or timelines. For the purpose of this chronology, however, all sources will be considered as part of a single timeline, regardless of the inevitable problems this may create.

The only exceptions will be events that are explicitly framed in divergent timelines i. The reader may determine for themselves what, if anything, to omit. Also, we must accept that the entire Trek universe exists in a timeline divergent from our own. For example, the Eugenics Wars are purported to have occurred in the s. Obviously, this has not happened, nor were any Dixon Hill novels written in the s, nor was an orbital missle platform launched in , ad nauseum.

Furthermore, in the Trek universe, there was no man named Gene Roddenberry who launched a mildly successful science-fiction television series in the s.

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The secondary but perhaps equally important purpose of this project is to establish the greatest possible continuity within the existing base of Trek fiction. The placement of each event has been based upon specific references, either through explicitly named dates or stated periods of time between events for which a chronological setting had already been established. Unavoidable contradictions have been noted. Every effort has been made to take into account the subtle details of each novel to assist in chronological placement.

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Of course, this includes any references to events from television episodes whether transcribed in a novelization or not , and may even include the given stardates as a last resort. Invariably, however, some details will be missed that create glaring but resolvable continuity errors, or that when properly considered may allow for a more appropriate chronological placement.

Feel free to bring any such details or suggestions to my attention via email.