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Learn all the basics of how the Wireless Application Protocol is able to deliver Internet-based services to all types of mobile devices with this comprehensive new.
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XHTML's modular architecture also enables developers to quickly and easily build applications that can adapt to changes in the hardware environment. Through the use of Cascading Style Sheets CSS , developers can separate style attributes for one or more XML documents from the actual code, reducing the size of the markup code in browser memory.

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Device manufacturers have the opportunity to develop handsets that support applications that optimize the usability of WAP applications by capitalizing on new WAP 2. Network operators will benefit from the ability to provide new services that have increased appeal by exploiting the benefits of WAP 2.

These new services have the potential to increase user traffic, leading to increased revenue and bringing operators the benefits of their investment in 2.

At the protocol level WAP 2. In the session layer, WAP 2.

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New technologies of WAP 2. MMS provides the framework to develop applications that support feature-rich messaging solutions, permitting delivery of varied types of content in order to tailor the user experience.

The Persistent Storage Interface provides a set of storage services that allow the user to organize, access, store and retrieve data on wireless devices. The new Provisioning feature permits the network operator to manage the devices on its network with a common set of tools.

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The Pictogram feature permits the use of a set of tiny images, allowing users to quickly convey concepts in a small amount of space while transcending traditional language boundaries. Push technology allows trusted application servers to proactively send personalized content to the end-user, such as a sales offer for a product a person might be interested in buying, a new email notification, or a location-dependent promotion.

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Push technology complements the traditional "pull" model of the Internet where users request specific information from a Web site. The WAP Forum now has over members and represents over 95 percent of the global handset market.

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Companies such as Nokia, Motorola and Ericsson are all members of the forum. The objective of the forum is to create a license-free standard that brings information and telephony services to wireless devices.

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Until the first WAP devices emerged, the Internet was a Internet and a mobile phone was a mobile phone. You could surf the Net, do serious research, or be entertained on the Internet using your computer, but this was limited to your computer.

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Now with the appearance of WAP, the scene is that we have the massive information, communication, and data resources of the Internet becoming more easily available to anyone with a mobile phone or communications device. WAP being open and secure, is well suited for many different applications including, but not limited to stock market information, weather forecasts, enterprise data, and games.

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Despite the common misconception, developing WAP applications requires only a few modifications to existing web applications. The current set of web application development tools will easily support WAP development, and in the future more development tools will be announced. To browse a standard internet site you need a web browser.